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And They’re Off!!

Oh Wait! Sorry wrong sport. Although our standings are usually as close as a horse race from week to week.

Scores and standings from the first week are posted. However, these standings are just a sample of the scoring and point system. The actual standings will change once all members have posted two rounds and flights are assigned accordingly. Actual points are based on the number of members in each flight. The LPGA flight will change slightly once Kathryn has made up her round and should give you a good idea of how the other flights will look.

Looking at the average scores the PGA flight will likely be divided into at least two flights and quite possibly three flights.

In this sample I assigned the average score of last years members to the new members and will make adjustments once they have established an 18 hole average.

I hope this makes a little bit of sense, any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

If anybody has a special dance or ritual that can conjure up some sunshine bring it tomorrow. We may need it or umbrellas.

Check here for an explanation of this years scoring system.