2019 Week 4

Wow! Another Terrific Tuesday

The weather was great again. The course is in great shape as long as you stay away from the sand traps. We have reached the halfway point of the season and the leaderboards are getting tight. Don’t forget to snap some pictures and send them by text or email to roodavis@mac.com. Also mix it up a little bit and play with someone new.

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves on the front nine, recording 27 pars and 2 birdies.

In the PGA flight Dave Case and Dave Koster made getting a skin difficult with a par on almost every hole between them. Dave Case did have the only par on number 4 to grab a skin, Joe Wilmers had the lone par on number 3 and Todd Hall recorded a birdie on number 6.

In the Nationwide flight three members earned skins, Dennis Kombrinck with the second birdie of the day on number 2, Steve Finn for his par on number 3 and RT Ramey for his par on number 7.

But the real action was taking place in the Champions flight with Meghan Kenney showing the rest of us that improving each week or scoring under your average is the way to win points as she turned in another under-her-average round and stormed to the top of the Champions leader board, leaving three of us old guys tied for 2nd place. Of course everyone in Hamilton County heard Dave “Poindexter” Snider busting a move and recording his best round in the past few years with a round that was 10 strokes under his average, great job Busta. Rick Davis was able to sneak in a couple of pars on 2 and 6 and earn a couple skins.