Woo Hoo!! What a great season.

Eight weeks of great weather, great golf and great fun. Some record setting scores on week seven with 37 pars recorded.

27 of those pars were in the PGA flight with Dave Case starting his round with seven in a row, but the rest of the PGA flight kept him to just one skin for his lone par on number 14.

In the Nationwide flight, Dennis Kombrinck grabbed a skin on number 11, Lou Deblasio took home a skin with his par on 15 and Bill Jordan found his way to two skins on numbers 12 and 17.

In the Champions flight two pars were recorded, but no skins as the Kinney sisters both parred number 15.

I usually hide the final standings until after the banquet. But I thought I should go ahead and reveal them on this Memorial Day.

In the PGA flight Doug Toler used his 2018 average to slip into the flight and then worked the scoring system to his advantage and took the top spot. Although his 2019 average will drop him back to the Nationwide flight for next year. So watch out Nationwide this makes Doug’s third year in a row in the top three of his flight. Dave Case couldn’t overcome Doug’s handicap advantage and takes home the Silver, followed by a tie for Bronze by George Henshaw and Mike Herald.

In the Nationwide flight Joe Del Prince held on to the Gold, newcomer Lou Deblasio brings home the Silver and Denny Burger found his way to the top three for the second year in a row and takes the Bronze.

Once again the surprises came from the Champions flight. Meghan Kinney played her best round of the season and jumped ahead of Gary Lind by one point to take the Gold and Jim Bukowski had a solid round of three under his average to hang on to the Bronze.

After a little number crunching the 2019 Scramble Teams are:

As soon as all members of your team are ready you can tee off. Remember the earlier teams get to heckle the later teams from the clubhouse upperdeck, so get there early and have fun!!