2021 Week 3

Another fine weather day for our second week of golf.

I’m happy to welcome another new member, Eugene Smith. Next week we will commence our Skins Game. It’s strictly optional and fun if you’re in a gambling mood. It costs $10 total for the next 5 weeks. To win a “skin” you must record the lowest score of everyone in your flight on any of the nine holes. For example, if 5 players in Flight 2 have paid into the Skins Game, the total payoff would be $10 for each week. If 3 players earn skins, the $10 is divided 3 ways. If no skins are earned due to ties, the money carries over to next week. If confused, but willing to participate, just pay me $10 next week and check website as Rick will post results.

Congratulations to Maggie on her birdie putt on number 17 and thank you Barb for submitting this entertaining video.


Thought for the week: “If you really want to get better at golf, go back and take it up at a much younger age.”

See you next week.