Oh, wait, sorry, wrong sport. Let’s have a great year ending scramble.
A few simple rules:
The teams were determined by the 2021 final league average, a complicated formula was used to make the team averages as close as possible. Okay not very complicated. After the calculations were made, some players were moved around with a player with a similar average to try to get everyone playing with someone that was not part of their regular weekly foursome. Make a new friend. As soon as all members of your team are present you can join the queue at the number one tee box. Warning: The later you tee off, the more heckling you will receive on the ninth green. So get here early.
The most important part is to HAVE FUN!!! Take pictures if you have your phone or camera and send them to Rick Davis and they will be added to the website.
Best Ball
The format is best ball. All players will tee off, then the team chooses the best drive and everyone else picks up their ball and joins at that spot. Then everyone takes a shot from the same spot for each consecutive stroke until the hole is completed.
Caution:┬áif you are one of the first three to putt, don’t just tap it in if you are close. As soon as the ball enters the cup the hole is completed and the players on your team putting after you don’t get a chance for that birdie putt you almost made.
Missing Team Member
In the event that you have a late player or a no-show. Late members may be shuttled out to you. If you are short a player, each of the remaining players on your team will take turns playing your fourth shot. A different player must be selected as the “fourth shot” on each hole.
Special Prizes
There will be special prize markers on two or more holes for longest drive and closest to the pin for both men and women. If your shot changes either of those, record your name on the placard and then brag about it until the final team plays that hole. If you happen to be that last team, please pickup the marker and return it to the clubhouse.