It was a hot one … Especially for Dave Shumaker as he extends his lead and brings home the only skin in the PGA flight for his par on number 10. There were an amazing 20 other pars and birdies in the remaining eight holes. Points and standings needed a little adjustment as Jeff “Biff” New rejoined us. As always points and standings do change as missed rounds are completed.

In the old guys Champions flight several players took turns with skins as RT Ramey grabbed a couple on two of his three pars, Eugene Smith grabbed two for his pars on number 11 and 17, ┬áJim Thompson wins one with a par on number 15 and Carl Grueninger started off his day winning a skin for his par on number 10. Standings are still tight with Dave “Busta” Snider moving back into the top three … we’ll never hear the end of that story.

The ladies weren’t about to be left out either as flight leader Judy Keller brings home two skins for her low scores on number 11 and number 17, Barb Cassidy wins a skin for her low score on number 10, Megan Kenney wins a skin for her par on number 12, Erin Kenney wins a skin for her low score on number 13, and Maggie Bertke Nelson wins one as she added a par on number 16 to go with her birdie from week 2. Not sure if this one was captured on video.

Three more weeks of league play before the grand finale scramble on May 25th, we are still waiting on confirmation of our tee time for the scramble, traditionally it is a little bit earlier in the day to allow everyone to join the after party on the upper deck and heckle the last team to finish up. Rumor has it that Judy Keller will be baking up a batch of her excellent brownies. Of course all baked goods are welcome.

See you on Tuesday.