2022 Week 4 home

Looks like the back nine was playing a little tougher the second time around. Dave Shumaker managed to grab a skin with his birdie on number 11 and maintain a one point lead in the PGA Flight. The other Dave’s are hot on his tail and take home a couple skins each for their low hole scores. David Koster carded the other birdie with an excellent birdie on number 17.

In the Champions Flight Doug Sawan was able to convert his first par of the season on number 12 into a winning skin. While Jim Thompson started his round off with a skin for his par on number 10 and Ron Miller used his par on number 16 to snag a skin on his way to the top of the leader board.

Newcomer Angie Childers looks to be learning her way around Avon Field with a couple of skins for a par on number 12 and the low hole score on number 14 and extended her lead in the LPGA Flight. Megan Kenney also carded a par on number 16 on her way to winning two skins with a low hole score on number 10 as well. Barb Cassidy had the low score on number 11 to round out the ladies skins.

As everyone knows it ain’t over ’til it’s over. Points aren’t always won by the best score, ultimately you are playing against yourself and the points are awarded to the players that improve a little bit each week. So forget about the worm burner or chunked shot and make the next swing your best swing of the year and you will climb the leader board.

You just might want to pack your wet weather gear or keep your fingers crossed for a break in the rain this Tuesday.

If you want to turn your skins into cash see Joe Wilmers and he will collect $2 per week, I will continue to give a shout out to all skins winners and let Joe decide who gets the money.

As always standings are subject to change if/when makeup rounds are completed. Skins are only awarded to players completing their round on the scheduled Tuesday.

More info about the scoring system used is available here: The CFTSchoolMasters 411 and pictures, funny stories or corrections are always welcome and can be emailed to Rick Davis for sharing with the rest of the world.