2022 Week 6 Home

So once again we saw a change in the weather, back to a normal spring day with mild temperatures. After last weeks heat scrambled my brain a little bit, causing me to misidentify pars as birdies. I’ll try to get it right this round.

In the PGA Flight Todd Hall (#2) and Dave Koster (#7) both turned their birdies into a skin and grabbed two skins each, Todd followed up his birdie with a par on number three. While Dave Koster carded a par on number 5. Dave Shumaker canceled out a Dave Case skin by parring number six, but ended the day with a skin win by parring number nine. Todd Hall used his two skin round to move into first place, while ThePrez moved into a tie with TheDefendingChamp for second place, with Dave Case just two points back.

In the Champions Flight, Eugene Smith is using his slow and steady pace to climb up the leaderboard as he moves into second place after starting out with a par on number one. James Neville must have had is eye on Eugene as he turned in a par on number two and number three to keep a three point lead going into the last week of competition. Jim Thompson and Dennis Kombrinck also parred number three and kept James from grabbing a second skin. Gary Lind snuck his way into the top three with his second consecutive round four strokes under his average. He may need to bring is a game one more time to fight off Jim Bukowski and Jim Thompson hot on his tail. The top five all have a chance to move into the numer one position with one more shot at the back nine.

In the LPGA Flight the Kenney sisters were both absent, so maybe we’ll see some pretty pictures of the next generation soon.* Angie Childers racked up some points with the low hole score on four holes, one of them a par on number six on her way to a round of 49. Angie extended her lead to five points, so the other five ladies may just be playing for second place now, but they all have a chance with a tight leaderboard.
*Meghan made up her round and moved into a tie for 2nd. Unfortunately makeup rounds are not eligible for skins. But that par on number eight looks good on the scorecard.

If you haven’t made your meal selection for next weeks celebration lunch, be sure to see Gary and get signed up. I will use the signup sheet to confirm who will participate in the final scramble. If you have any missed rounds to makeup, please turn those scores in as soon as possible. Scramble teams are determined by the final average of each player and I use the numbers to attempt to put together closely matched teams. I will cutoff makeup round scores submissions to Friday evening and have the teams posted as soon as possible.

Our scramble is a best ball format with prizes for the top three teams, as well as individual prizes for longest drives and shortest putts (closest to the pin). Tee time is a bit earlier than usual, generally around 1230pm. The Prez will confirm the time with us week and we ask you to be ready to go as soon as your team mates are present. The first team out gets the best seat in the house for heckling the rest of the league as they try to make a tricky putt on number nine. The last team out gets the final shot at the individual prizes and is asked to pick up the markers on their way in. Lunch will be served in the clubhouse, upper deck if the weather is right. Everyone is encouraged to bring in their favorite shareable snack and anything out of their garage that they want to pawn off as a “special” prize. Each member will be given a door prize ticket that could be turned in to cash or some other prize. So plan to stick around and meet the rest of the league players.