2023 Final

Wow!! What a great way to end the season’s competition. Now let’s have some fun and food with friends.

In the PGA flight, Todd Hall was able to keep it together and card another round under his average and hold off the valiant try to catch him made by Dave Case. Dave shot a one over par round of 34 and grabbed the only skins in this flight on numbers 11, 12 and 18. Joe Wilmers held on to third place.

In the Champions flight, In Ron Miller’s words “the wheels came off this week”, his streak of rounds under average ended and Carl Grueninger was able to reclaim first place with his second round of the season of 42. Eugene was a close second and the rest of us will wish Carl and Eugene farewell as their season ending averages of 48 and 49 will move them to the PGA Flight next year. Jim Bukowski, Jim Thompson and Ron Miller will have an arm wrestling match after the scramble to determine who gets the third place prize money. Dave “Busta” Snyder did have his best round of the season, but it wasn’t quite enough to move him back into the top three. It’s a good thing Dave Case has some basic math skills, as Carl, Doug Sawan and Jim Thompson did manage to mix things up with six skins between them.

In the LPGA flight, Rumor has it that Megan Kenney and Sandy Gresham-Garrison were able to talk Barb Cassidy into a fourth beer. This resulted in a tie for second place between Barb and Sandy. We’ll be keeping an eye on Barb at the after party, we’re not sure what a fifth beer would do to her. With Barb having the low hole score on number 17, good for a skin, I am thinking the truth may be that the “three beers” she had were after she made it back to the club house. Carole Kelley grabbed a skin for her low hole score on number 15 and Megan had the third skin of the flight for her low hole score on number 11.

Just a reminder, this week, May 30th, 2023 will be the season ending scramble. With an earlier tee off time of 1pm, followed by lunch on the upper deck. Hamburgers, brats and metts will be served with ice cold beer and sodas. Tasty desserts to be shared are always welcome. I am hoping someone has Judy Keller’s brownie recipe.

I will post the scramble teams as soon as I can confirm all of the participants and crunch the numbers. As always, once all four of your team are ready to tee off, you are free to go. The sooner you get out there, the sooner you can get back to the clubhouse and start heckling the latecomers. It’s going to be another hot one, so bring your hats and sunscreen and stay hydrated.