2023 Week 1 Home

Weeeeee’re Baaaack

Opening day for the CFT Schoolmasters league was very successful. We begin the year with one new member, Sandy Gresham Garrison, welcome Sandy. We also have three members returning from Injured Reserve, David Roth, Ron Miller and Lou Deblasio. The weather looked a little dreary in the early morning, but by tee time it was a pleasant spring like temperature and started feeling like summer by time we reached the 9th green.

In the PGA flight our reigning 2022 leader, Joe Wilmers, carded the loan birdie of the day on number six. Thirteen pars by the rest of the flight helped spread the skins out a little bit, with President Dave Case taking home two skins on numbers one and five, and George Henshaw rounding out the skins with one of his four pars on number four.

In the old farts Champions flight Dave “Bust-a-Move” Snider made sure he was seen by all, donning a bright hockey uniform and winter hat. The increased heat did not stop him from recording a par on number three and grabbing first place this week. Enjoy it while you can Busta, Dennis Kombrinck and Eugene Smith are gunning for you with rounds under 50. Doug Sawan also got in the skin game with a par on number two.

In the LPGA flight newcomer Sandy was welcomed by Angie, Barb and Carole. As always, the ladies know how to have fun and still be competitive. I am sure I’ll the get chance to lose a round to each of them by seasons end. While it is great to see a ladies foursome, I do encourage ALL members to mix it up a little bit and make new golf friends. Of course that might be fightin’ words for the Kenney sisters and some of us grey hairs. The important thing is to have fun!! I’ll mix everyone up a little bit at the season ending scramble.

Until next time. Have a safe and happy holiday weekend.