2023 Week 2 – Home

Well, week 2 saw a little more heat from Mother Nature and our players with 17 pars and 1 birdie recorded.

In the PGA Flight, Joe Del Prince had the loan birdie of the day and grabbed a skin on number 17. Todd Hall got into the skin win with a par on number 15. Dave Koster and Dave Case had nine pars between them and still managed to grab some skins. Dave Koster wrapped up number 12 and Dave Case took numbers 11 and 13. Their sub-40 scores made the leaderboard change a bit, Dave Koster turned in his week 1 makeup round and took over first place. With a three way tie for second and the rest of the flight close behind.

In the Champions flight, Doug Sawan and Dennis Kombrinck both brought their A-Game and came in under 50. Doug bumped “Busta” into a tie for second place with Dennis. All three of them had a par in their round, but the fourth member of the flight with a par, Jim Thompson, canceled out Dave Snider’s shot at a skin. Leaving Doug (16) and Dennis (11) with the only skins in the flight. Sorry James Neville, even though you had the low score on number 10, league rules state that men have to have the low score on the hole AND be less than or equal to par to claim a skin.

In the LPGA flight, Megan Kenney joined the par crowd on number 16 on her way to grabbing two skins with her low score on 14 as well. Low score skins were had on every hole expect for 13 and 15. Gayle Wynn (10), Barb Cassidy (11), Erin Kenney (12), Megan Kenney (14,16), and Angie Childers (17).

Standings are subject to change if/when missed rounds are submitted. Missed rounds can be made up Mon-Thurs, check with the course at (513) 651-GOLF for available tee times, if possible try to play the appropriate front/back holes to coincide with the league schedule. Then send a picture of your score card or the actual score in the format of 443 443 334=33 to Rick Davis at (513) 910-9490. The weatherman is calling for a bright and sunny Tuesday, so stock up on sun screen and have a great weekend.