2023 Week 4 Home

YeeHaw, must be Derby time, cause the leaderboard is looking like a close horse race. A total of twenty-one Pars and three Birdies this week. Fifteen skins awarded. All three flights have position ties involving a total of twelve players. Half-way through the season and it is still anybodies race.

In the PGA flight, Dave Case has a one point lead over Dave Koster and Todd Hall in a tie for second. With only five points separating first and sixth place. Mr. Case started out his round with a streak of pars and a birdie on the first five holes, taking three of the flights five skins. Dave Koster was able to grab a skin with the only par on number 15 and George Henshaw had the second birdie of the flight on number 16 for the final skin.

In the Champions flight, Dave “Busta” Snider is hanging on to first place. Carl Grueninger is running neck and neck just one point behind. The rest of the players are running in bunches with four tied for third and only eight points between first and last place. Definitely a race to watch. In the skins game Dennis Kombrinck got his out of the way early with a par on number 10. Eugene Smith grabbed one on number 11 with a par and another on number 17 with the leagues third birdie of the day. Doug Sawan rounded out the skins with back to back pars on numbers 16 and 17.

In the LPGA flight, Barb Cassidy has rejoined Megan Kenney at the top of the leaderboard. Erin Kenney the other half of the sister duo is not going to let them rest, carding two pars this week has kept her just one point back. Erin Kenney takes two skins for her pars on number 12 and number 15. With Megan Kenney rising to the challenge with the low hole score on numbers 13 and 16. Newcomer Sandy Gresham-Garrison started her round with the low score on number 10 for a taste of the skins action. It was great to see our resident lefty Maggie Bertke Nelson back on the course, I could be wrong, but I think she is the only southpaw in the league this year.

If you have not been caught on camera by Gary, be sure to strike a pose and join the 2023 Photo Gallery. I heard Joe Wilmers has been dodging the camera. Don’t be bashful Joe and remember snapshots and videos from all members are welcome as well.

Have a safe week and we’ll see you on the tee box.

As always, standings are subject to change if/when missed rounds are submitted. Missed rounds can be made up Mon-Thurs, check with the course at (513) 651-GOLF for available tee times, if possible try to play the appropriate front/back holes to coincide with the league schedule. Then send a picture of your score card or the actual score in the format of 443 443 334=33 to Rick Davis at (513) 910-9490. The weatherman is calling for a bright and sunny Tuesday, so stock up on sun screen and have a great weekend.