2022 Week 2 Home

Well, thanks to mother nature week 1 was a wash out. A few brave souls got an early look at the course while taking a cold shower. Week 2 become the new Week 1 and looked a lot better. Our numbers are down a little bit this year. We did add a new member to the ladies group. Everyone be sure to give Angie Childers a warm welcome. Joe “ThePrez” Wilmers and I introduced her to the league and course.

In an effort to defend his title, last years winner of the PGA flight, Dave Shumaker, started out with five birdies and snagged four skins. Dave Case and Joe Wilmers kept him from grabbing all the glory with a few birdies of their own and let everyone in the top flight know that they will need to bring their A-game if they want to get in on the winning side of the skins with a total of eight skins awarded in the PGA flight.

The Champions flight had their share of birdies from Dave “Bust-A-Move” Snider, Dennis Kombrick, Eugene Smith (2), James Neville, Jim Bukowski and Jim Thompson(2). But Carl Grueninger was the lone skin with his birdie on number 12.

The ladies weren’t about to be out done by a bunch of old grey beards. Newcomer Angie Childers grabbed two skins with a birdie on 16 and a low hole score of 5 on 18. While Megan Kenney garnered a couple with a low hole score on number 10 and a birdie on number 17.

If you want to turn your skins into cash see Joe Wilmers and he will collect $2 per week, I will continue to give a shout out to all skins winners and let Joe decide who gets the money.

As always standings are subject to change if/when makeup rounds are completed. Skins are only awarded to players completing their round on the scheduled Tuesday.

More info about the scoring system used is available here: The CFT 411 and pictures, funny stories or corrections are always welcome and can be emailed to Rick Davis for sharing with the rest of the world.