CFTSchoolMasters Golf League Point System

CFT SchoolMasters Golf League Point System


The player’s actual scores will be adjusted for handicap purposes as follows:

Nothing higher than double par is allowed; a maximum score of six on par threes and a maximum score of eight on par fours. You don’t need to pick up your ball at six or eight strokes (obviously you need all the practice you can get) but don’t record anything more than double-par.

Missed rounds must be played and reported no later than 2pm on Monday of the following week to be used for point accumulation.


1. Handicaps are calculated by taking the Average of the Adjusted Scores Used MINUS Course Rating TIMES 96%.

Example: Players average is 47. 47 – 31 = 16, 16 x .96 = 15.36, Hdcp = 15

2. Scores Used for Handicap Purposes:

A league member’s handicap will be based on the players final league average from their last available CFTSM season average. New members, use the flight average for your first-week handicap. If the acting President thinks you were sandbagging or just got lucky the first round and thinks you should be assigned to a different flight then I will adjust the standings as needed.

3. There is No Maximum Handicap for the league. Plus handicaps are possible.


A net score will be determined by subtracting the player’s handicap from the adjusted score.

Example: Players adjusted score is 52 and players handicap is 14.

52 – 14 = 38

Players net score is 38.


Weekly points will be awarded according to weekly place within the player’s flight determined by net score. If a flight has ten players the lowest net score within that flight will be awarded 10 points. The second lowest net score will be awarded 9 points. The third lowest net score will awarded 8 points. This will continue until the highest net score within the flight receives 1 point.

If two or more players net score results in a tie the points for those positions will be the points for the highest position.


Player Name Net Score Points

Player One 34 10
Player Two 35 9
Player Three 35 9
Player Four 36 7
Player Five 37 6
Player Six 38 5
Player Seven 39 4
Player Eight 40 3
Player Nine 40 3
Player Ten 40 3


Points will accumulate weekly and standings will be determined by point totals within each flight.